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Excellence is our goal Work with confidence Expand your business

Thanks to our experience, let our business help yours,
and work at your full potiential.

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GIM is a family-based company. Our aim is to help our clients to operate at their full potential. At GIM we provide custom services according to your needs, we evaluate the risks, study your case and adapt our people and material to suit to the job. GIM provides high quality inspections, audits and precise quantity/quality controls. We are a client orientated company and are here to help you as we have been doing since 2004.

Thanks to the relations we enjoy with many banks and investment institutions we can help you to find adequate financing.

Our Services

Our mission is to provide our customers with risk management solutions and dedicated services through superior quality inspections,
delivered world-wide by a team of professionals.

Collateral Management

Collateral management is a method whereby a borrower's pledges goods as a security in exchange for a loan.

Stock Monitoring

Procedures are similar to those used in Collateral Management except that GIM is only reporting movements and not authorizing the releases.

Quantity / Quality Control

Certify the quality and quantity of your goods with first class laboratories to perfectly control your cargo.


Reduce the risks by detecting any possible problem in time.


Let our team help and advise you in order to develop your business and to increase your productivity.

Claim Handling

Our experienced team will assist you building up a perfect claim file. We are here to help and defend you in case of dispute.

Fumigation (Indonesia)

Protect your goods against damage related to insects while keeping your commodities healthy and clean for consumption with our high quality Fumigation service.

Alphos (Indonesia)

ALPHOS is an aluminum phosphine fumigant which allows you to treat your commodities in a safe way.

We are here to help

Our team is composed of dedicated people with skills,
professional expertise that has proven successful in the business.
If you would like to talk with anyone feel free to contact us.

Customer oriented

We offer quality service that meets customer expectations.

Trained and experienced people

Familly members have a solid informal training.

Familly business

Being a familly business, GIM can provide quick and efficient actions thanks to our simple and effective organizational structure.

Solid support

With close communication with our clients, we are always there to listen to their needs.


Trust is escential in all businesses and evenmore in a business where trade secrets have to be kept.

Customized services

As every job is different, we customize our services for you.

Commodities we handle

GIM services only accepts jobs which it can handle. If you chose to work with GIM,
you decide to work with a team of qualified professionals who are specifically trained for certain commodities.
The commodities we handle are listed hereunder:






Consumer goods

Copper (cathodes-rods)


Frozen products



Milk and by-products


Paper rolls


Petroleum products





Soya beans



Vegetable oils

Vehicles and spare parts



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