Quality / Quantity Control

quality quantity control

Keep track of your goods during any stage they might undergo, by certifying its quality and quantity. Keep in control and possibly avoid any endless dispute, which results in a gain in efficiency and therefore in a higher yield.

Quantity certifications can be done by draft survey for vessels and weighing for warehouses or containers. This service will not slow any of your operations down and is executed by a team of dedicated and trained professional to blend in the harmony of your daily activities.

We handle quality certifications with the partnership of first class laboratories to perfectly asses your goods.

Other Services

Collateral Management

Collateral management is a method whereby a borrower's pledges goods as a security in exchange for a loan.

Stock Monitoring

Procedures are similar to those used in Collateral Management except that GIM is only reporting movements and not authorizing the releases.


Reduce the risks by detecting any possible problem in time.


Thanks to our experience and our knowledge of every section of the trading market, our team can help and advise you in order to develop your business and to increase your productivity.