quality quantity control

ALPHOS is an aluminum phosphine fumigant which allows you to treat your commodities in a safe way. ALPHOS is our own brand name for which we are the only distributor. Benefits:

  • Easy diffusion
  • No residues
  • Fast dispersion
  • 100 % efficiency

We offer you a product which protects your production and storage area. ALPHOS is a product which has been tested and has no dangerous effects on human beings after ventilation. Feel free to contact us for more information or to order our product.

Other Services

Collateral Management

Collateral management is a method whereby a borrower's pledges goods as a security in exchange for a loan.

Quantity / Quality Control

Certify the quality and quantity of your goods with first class laboratories to perfectly control your cargo.


Reduce the risks by detecting any possible problem in time.

Stock Monitoring

Procedures are similar to those used in Collateral Management except that GIM is only reporting movements and not authorizing the releases.