Collateral Management

collateral management

This service enables trading companies and financial institutes to work together safely and to increase their business. We enable trading companies to find financial support more easily and financial institutes to make safe loans. Collateral management is essentially a method whereby a borrower's pledges goods as a security in exchange for a loan. In other words; the goods are pledged to a financial institute and GIM becomes the custodian of these goods on behalf of the lender.

Collateral services are there as a security device which enables the borrower to deliver to the lender legally valid documents of title or to grant a possesive pledge of goods stored in warehouses.
The issuer of the warrant creates a legally independent warehouse within the borrower's premises by:

  • Leasing the storage area
  • Posting prominent signs giving public notice that the controlled area is operated by GIM Services
  • Controlling and authorizing movements in and out of the warehouses
  • Installation of locks and seals, premanent presence of GIM Services staff

Benefits: Collateral Services enables the bank to immediately obtain its security. It also provides the bank with both the organization and expertise to a continious control of its security.Companies are frequently subject to restrictions in loans, which prevents them to increase their business. Collateral Services is an excellent tool to overcome this obstacle.

Other Services

Stock Monitoring

Procedures are similar to those used in Collateral Management except that GIM is only reporting movements and not authorizing the releases.

Quantity / Quality Control

Certify the quality and quantity of your goods with first class laboratories to perfectly control your cargo.


Reduce the risks by detecting any possible problem in time.


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